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This year, as a “Thank You” gift to our customers, Cheer Star is teaming with 2Talents Video to provide every coach, athlete, and parent a free copy of their performance at each Cheer Star event! 


There is absolutely NO obligation on your part!


To receive your FREE VIDEO DOWNLOAD, simply sign up using the form below.  You will automatically receive an email a week  each competition that will contain your download password and instructions.



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P.S.  We know many folks still prefer to own a DVD, so we have REDUCED PRICING on both Single and Group DVD orders!


Single Team DVDs are now just $20!  GREAT for Grandparents! Click Here to Order.


Group DVD orders are now only $15 each with a minimum order of only 10 DVDs!  Receive your entire gym plus FREE awards for only $15 on DVD!  Contact us today if you are interested!

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