2019 Nutcracker Suite

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Milah's School of Dance




As a FREE BONUS for Milah’s dancers & parents, 2Talents Video is providing you with download links to the 2019 Nutcracker Suite recital. After downloading the files, you are free to load individual dances on your phone, tablet, computer, or share them with friends and family.  We hope you enjoy this gift from 2Talents Video and will remember us for your next event!


To access your bonus download, simply follow the steps below.  If you have any problems, email us at 2TalentsVideo@gmail.com  


You have access to these files until February 28.


  • After clicking the “DOWNLOAD” link below these instructions, you will be asked for your access code. Enter the code included in your printed instructions. Remember, it is case-sensitive.
  • There are three files (Act 1, Act 2, & Dances) available for you to download.  The “Dances” file only includes individual dances from Act 2. You can download one or all files as many times as you like until February 28.
  • We strongly recommend downloading your files onto a laptop or desktop computer before loading them on your phone, tablet, or sharing them with friends & family.
  • Each of the files exceeds 1 GB in size, so be patient. Wait for the download(s) to complete, double-click the ZIP file and it will extract automatically into a folder containing your files.  Have a blessed day, and enjoy your performances!


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